As a Think-Tank, our goal is to enlighten and equip your understanding about humanity and life's essential issues.


Our objective is for you to experience a transformation that enhances your identity, your relationships, and your opportunities for success in all areas of life.  We do this by empowering others with the best ideas and irresistable persuasion.  We help international leaders in all walks of life: diplomats, media, military strategists, professors, and spiritual leaders.


We do this by empowering your work, your organization, and your clients with "multidimensional" communication.  We do this by composing language and imagery that articulates instincts, synergizes interests, and directs emotions, thoughts, and behaviors towards a clearly defined course of action and state of mind.  Our objective is to enable you to win the argument, make the deal, defeat the opponent, dominate the competition, and inspire the client and team.  


We measure your success by your winning the election, passing the legislation, influencing politicians, changing law and culture, increasing profit, and enhancing peace and stability and hope in life.


We are a Think-Tank unlike any other, at a time unlike any other.  When it comes to expressing truth in multidimensionally persuasive ways, no one does it better than we can...no one.  Why?  

Our team appears regularly on international media broadcasts, debates, and documentaries.  We have worked in the Military, the Intelligence and Counterterrorism Community, Politics, Academia, News and Entertainment.


We have experience in Hollywood, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Lobbying, as well as Military Psychological Warfare, Information Operations, Hostage Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and clandestine and covert intelligence operations.  We are a highly trained, fearless, cunning, and explosively creative force to be reckoned with.  

Our unique individual backgrounds and Alpha-personalities combine to create one of the most imaginative and efficient teams of writers, artists, and speakers in the communication industry.  We are a group of writers, artists, diplomats, military members, media commentators, lawyers, and cultural experts from around the world.  

We are a "special operation" of rare skills, experience, talents, and character, and we are absolutely committed to dominating and winning the issue, the argument, and achieving success for our ideas, our mission, our supporters, and our clients.

So test us, and we will help you achieve victory.  Contact us today, and tomorrow will change--multidimensionally.


We don't analyze trends, we predict them, and strategically seize the initiative.  We don't respond to human behavior, we persuade, change, and influence it to our advantage.


We develop successful products, services, relationships, and victories by applying a multidimensional approach to everything we imagine, plan, and produce. 


We analyze problems, target vulnerabilities, exploit opportunities, cultivate relationships, build alliances, compose irresistibly persuasive communications, invent solutions, and dominate and defeat competing ideas and agencies, unlike any other organization. How?


We draw upon our eclectic professional and educational backgrounds to incorporate the best lessons and practices from U.S. Army psychological warfare, counter-terrorism operations, international advertising and public relation campaigns, media-journalism, intelligence analysis, political lobbying, conflict resolution, prisoner interrogation, religious reformation, renaissance, and revolutionary movements in the world.

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